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    I will ocassionally get a phone call, see caller id on the screen, and press the center button to answer....However I cant hear the other party, but he can hear me.

    In defense of the phone, it usally happens in my office (lots of servers and 1+ bar signal)

    Has this been reported as a bug, or just the result of a poor signal?
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    my buddy had the same prob with a Sprint Treo and got it swapped, no problems since.
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    Check to see if you see the Red T, TTY/TDD VCO mode works like this. It disables the speaker but enables the Microphone.
    (HCO Mode does just the opposite)
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    Pete, not sure what you mean?
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    When the phone is in TTY/TDD mode, a red T appears at the top of the Phone App. About the same screen space as where the menu appears when it is called.
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    Nothing on my phone. I bet the prob is simply poor signal least i hope.

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