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    This is where you can post what you like about the treo. (This is in defense to the What annoys you about the T600?) So post the bonuses you have discovered, or the stuff you like about it.

    My turn:
    1) The lack of a cradle is compensated by having a HS button on the cable.
    2) New ringers can be either downloaded from ANY webpage with a link to a MIDI file, or beamed to the phone from another PDA.
    3) JPG files can be beamed directly to the phone or downloaded from the net.
    4) Nearly all MIDI files are supported, out of the DOZENS that I have installed, only 3 did not play.
    5) Even tho it has a LoRes screen, it is really easy to read.
    6) MP3 playback can be done with internal speaker.
    7) AC Adapter is seperate from the HotSync Cable.
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    1. I have real internet and e-mail access with me at all times.
    2. I can carry a book with me that fits inside my phone.
    3. I no longer have to hope I added things right in my checkbook register.
    4. My granddaughter's favorite song is only a few clicks away where ever we are (for when she gets fussy)
    5. I fooled my boss into thinking I was working until 10 pm when I sent him an e-mail through BC one evening.
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    1) very good cell phone

    2) mobile internet - vision and blazer 3.0 ... definitly decent.

    3) agendus organizer (third party ) and contacts programs
    all your to dos, addresses, numbers, everything all right here

    4) 5 -way navigator... awesome innovation

    5) email - snappermail.(third party).. is really good - attachments

    6) mp3 - gotta love this... you have an ipod merged with your
    internet - capable cellphone pda. also can get radio -
    shoutcast... i mean.. talk about convergence.

    7) sd slot - expansion

    8) camera - well... just for fun.. dont lose your digital camera..

    9) form factor - ergonomic

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