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    My Treo 600 is on the way, and I just realized that I'm not quite sure how to migrate my Treo 180 data to the new device. I don't think I want to "restore", do I?
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    I brought everything over that the install software would let me. I figured if I had a roblem I would do a hard reset and start over. I did not have a problem. I figure you have nothing to lose but a little time.
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    Originally posted by emajy
    I figure you have nothing to lose but a little time.
    yeah, i suspected I could fiddle with it long enough and everything would work out. I was just hanging this post out there hoping to hear about the perfect migration solution!

    thanks anyhow.
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    The key to a painless migration is not to attempt to synch the Treo 600 without installing the new version of HotSync that comes with it. The new version will "quarantine" any applications that it thinks will cause problems for the 600 and you should have a painless upgrade (I did). This is all detailed on the "Quick Start" instructions that will arrive with your new Treo.

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