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    I must be an ***** for not going here first. two hours or more on hold with sprint and I can not get outgoing mail. I have two mail products so far

    palmOne SprintPCS E-Mail App

    incoming mail works on the sprint app, but I can't get the outgoing. Please help!!

    I used
    and several variations
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    <vision email eg:>
    <vision password>
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    doesn't work

    I use a pop 3

    incoming is
    smtp's do not work
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    yes I had the same problem in December. Sprint rep did not understand my problem. Make sure you have an email and password and use that on the settings for the outbound email. Works like a charm
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    going nuts here


    what is your smtp?

    do you use that username?
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    I had this same problem a while ago. You have to go onto the Sprint website and set a new password for your vision email account. That means in the end you will have 3 passwords for Sprint. One to get into your account, one for Vision, and one for Vision Email. It is ridiculous I know, but as soon as you set this you will be able to send emails.
    Good Luck!
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    yeah, so its actually
    <vision name (do not include>
    <vision password or email password should be the same but can be different>

    Call 18662064108
    they should answer to you beacon fairly quickly
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    I tried for days to get my vision password to work to allow me to send mail. Finally I called sprint and got no help. I called again pissed and got bumped up to a higher level support. The looked at my account and said that no email password had been setup, even though my vission password was setup. He said that 90% of sprint users send mail on the web and not through their phone so they do not need the mail password. Important lesson here is the your vision password and email password are 2 separate passwords even though you can use the same one if you want to.
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    This thread has some info on getting your outgoing mail set-up:

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