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    Please someone just tell me what items and software do I need for my treo 600 to have gps ?

    Also where should I bye them !

    Thank agian !
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    HI, I ahve ordered the igolf gps systems from It will give voice promts for directiosn and maps for entire usa. It will work where ever you can drive, so it will work on a walking trip of a city.

    It fits into the sd slot of the t600 and has no wires or cables. The bad news is that it is 2.5 months pass the orginal release date and the company promises a release in about 2.5 to 3 weeks. I will report on it when I get it and after I check it out.

    I also should mention that it does not come with Mapoplis' lates software and needs to be upgraded for a few bucks! Take care, Jay

    ps see the article on treocentral at:

    also treocentral just posted on a smilar thread on igolf gps that they will have photos and a 2nd article shortly. So keeo watch here at Treocentral.
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