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    Can anyone tell mere where to get these? There are so many choices...someone head me in the right direction so I can get them right away
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    The only way to go!
    The Toad
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    They are expensive but woth it.
    The Toad
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    I have the BoxWave one and am completely satisfied with it. I tried Write-rights on an older Palm and didn't like them at all. Can't comment on any of the others.
    Bob Meyer
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    I've also tried many, but I prefer NuShield they're thinner than anything else out there, although can be tricky getting on as they slide under the frame.
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    My favorite is the Martin Fields.

    I've tried several and the M.F. provides the clearest look out of all of them. It's easy to install, lasts a long time and isn't overly expensive.

    Check out They've done extensive reviews on almost every screen protector on the market.
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    As you can see, everyone has their own favorites. I've been real happy with boxwave protectors. I hated write-rights (?). They caused some kind of cross-hatch rainbow kind of effect on the screen when I used them on my old Sony Clie.

    And as little as you'll find yourself using the stylus with the 600, one boxwave should last forever.
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    After reading all the reviews, I went with Boxwave and applied it day before yesterday. Took me two tries to get it aligned perfectly and it looks good on the screen. A tad expensive but totally worth it for the protection it provides.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    I have the boxwave. While I like it, I suggest applying it in a vacuum. Some dust stuck to mine and is now permanently visible on my screen under the protector. Since it is sticky, there is no way to get the dust off. Order the 3 pack if you can.
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    Another vote for BoxWaves.

    To remove the dust from a Boxwave or Brando, you can either take it off and wash it using soap and water OR you can use a piece of tape to remove the dust ( useful if you see a small piece of dust under the edge). That is what I do. It usually takes me a try or two to get them on perfect, but once on perfectly, I have never had to take one off again.

    Try applying them in a steamed up helps a lot with the dust.
    Jake Pratt

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