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    I'm sure this question has been asked by newbies time and again, but I present it to this fine forum once again:

    If web-enabled PDAs log GPS information for safety (i.e. 911) reasons, is there ANY software that I can install on a Treo that will display my location, in real-time, on a map?

    Please advise!

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    As far as I know you will still need to get the GPS receiver.

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    Wht you are thinking is "location service" which must be operated by the network (subscription charged) you are on.

    No network in the world is offering such service yet.
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    Hi, I am awaiting the igolf gps unit that fits into the sd slot with no cables. It is 2.5 months behind it's orginal; release it will give voice promted gps unti. I will report on it when it arrives and after I test it out, take care, Jay
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    AT&T has location services....its pretty cool, you can locate friends. It tells you what street corners they are at if they have it enabled on their phone. Another really cool feature is the ability to search for things like ATMs or restaurants and it gives you up to the second driving directions, meaning if you are headed north and the ATM is South of you, it will start to tell you to turn around and give you the street name you need to take to get there with distance as well. If you have AT& T just go to the main page when you start network services and then select location services. I have only seen this used with a Ericsson phone, but I am sure it is similar with a T600.
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    Sprint says they are going to release these types of services soon, but I have never heard an exact date. But, it is Sprint so it may be years from now and of course they will charge loads for it. And any phone with E911 GPS is capable as long as the network provides the location services. Its neat but not as cool as having a live display of a map where your location shows up as a blip and actually would move about on the T600 screen.
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