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    I came late to the firmware discussion. What's going on with this - what's the problem with some of the firmware, and why are people upgrading?

    I have firmware: 02.02
    Software: Treo600-1.06-CNG
    Hardware: B

    Obviously Cingular branded, using it on AT&T on the West Coast, worked fine on the East coast for a week, worked fine in Madrid for 1 month. Is there any reason I should upgrade or anything I should be on the lookout for? The only issue for me now is battery reading accuracy, but I gather that's one program's incompatability, and as I never take the phone past the 50% battery life mark, I don't care if the battery life shows or not every day....

    Any info is appreciated!

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    There is another thread out there that has exausted this topic a million times - but you having the Cingular version I figured that your situation is the same as mine.

    The 2.09 firmware update has (for some) improved the audio quality of the phone somewhat. I upgraded from the same Cingular version as you have and I have noticed the following:

    Slightly less battery life (not significant in well covered areas)
    Much improved audio in fringy areas
    Slightly better data rates using AWS internet connection.
    Removal of any "cingular" branding and replacement by generic Handspring logos.

    I use AT&T in Bermuda and have been happy with my unit since the upgrade (I even have the AT&T Phone_LOGO.prc installed so that the phone even LOOKS like an AT&T model).

    Obviously you take a chance of removing / replacing some feature that may or may not be included/undocumented in the stock Cingular firmware by updating to the Generic 2.09-INT version. My take on this is if you don't subscribe to Cingular anyway then the point is moot - a "generic" up to date phone is much better than a "customised" version at an ancient version of firmware.

    Check out the firmware thread(s) for (much more) detail than this.

    Best regards from Bermuda

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    i tried to upgrade mine but it was always saying that its not connected to the charger...tried both ways (usb cable and directly to the charger)
    btw i am on orange
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    where do i look to find out about my firmware version?
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    You gotta perform a search and just type "firmware upgrade" as your keywords. This topic has been beaten to death and then some. I flashed my AT&T Wireless phone w/2.09 and the aforementioned is correct, the audio quality is improved with more emphasis on RF, which is why the battery power diminishes slightly quicker. The "sound distortion" still remains and you can do a search on that too because that topic is repeated many times in this forum too. Just my 2 cents worth. Don't take it personally, I've done the same thing and forum members tend to give you tough love, really tough love.
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