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    you might think i was nuts to pay $50/yr for the TreoMail app & svc, but I feel redeemed now that I have migrated to the Visto Message svc. there are so many little features that worked great in TMail... so many that are lacking in Visto. would I be happier w/ Eudora?
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    I gave up on Visto. I also had a Treo Mail account, but the Visto app (i believe in conjunction with treo600SMS) caused constant resets. Very annoying.
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    For me, Visto MessageXpress absolutely stinks! I originally had TreoMail for over a year and it worked perfect and all the time. In November of 2003, I "upgraded" to MessageXpress and it has been a disaster. I have it set to message push at 5 minute intervals. That worked one time only. Sometimes it is hours or days later. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. It works about 50% of the time when I do a manual check. Today I couldn't connect at all. It is worthless. I am about ready to uninstall it.
    I like InboxToGo but it is $50.00 per year and there is no server involved. It works really nice and fast. I primarily use the Handspring email app and Eudora to sync with email in my Outlook inbox on my pc.


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