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    Agendus Named Best Core-App Replacement
    Submitted by iambic Software
    January 13, 2004 04:47 PM

    Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition by iambic, Inc. has been named winner of the 'Best Core-App Replacement' award for the year 2003 by Handheld Computing magazine. In making their decision, Handheld noted, 'We love the way Agendus Pro enhances the capabilities of all the core functions of your PDA and then also perfectly synchronizes with an all-new desktop PIM application. There's something here for everyone: better sorting and categorizing, helpful event icons, a unified Today view, and full-screen support for half-VGA PDAs.'

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    now that iambic is getting out of their office products for palm os
    (according to pdabuzz link above)...what is the future of agendus? how much can we believe they will continue to support palm products? as it is i was waiting for them to optimize their agendus to the treo's 5 way nav and upgrade the software to work with snappermail and not just their own proprietary email solution? looks like their are retreating from plam os rather than investing. too bad.
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    well this is definitly unfortunate. what a shock. why would iambic decide to drop palm? its a huge market!?

    unless there is a complete overhaul of agendus in their next generation of applications, i find it hard to believe they are ditching palm os.

    well we will see. but, i agree.. what a shame.
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    Originally posted by treobk214
    why would iambic decide to drop palm?
    It is just their office suite. I suspect that with Documents To Go and QuickOffice dominating the market (speculations) it is better for them just to support one of the two.

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