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    Old PC = XP, Outlook XP
    New PC = XP, Outlook 2003
    Using POP3 Email

    Treo 600

    * I did a HotSync in the old PC.
    * I moved my Outlook PST to the new machine
    * I installed HotSync software in new PC.

    How do I perform a HotSync and make sure no data is lost/replaced in the process. Basically both the Treo and the New PC have the same data right now, but they have not talked to each other yet.


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    I believe if you simply do a Hotsync the way you have things set up now that you'll end up with two of everything in both Outlook and on the Treo. As long as you have everything the way you want it in Outlook I'd first remove all the appointments/contacts from your Treo then change your hotsync settings (for the first initial hotsync) to Desktop over-writes handheld. This way everything in Outlook will be added to your Treo, but there won't be anything on the Treo to sync back to Outlook. Once this initial hotsync is complete change the hotsync settings back to syncronize.

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