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    Can any one help me as Orange are up to their useful selves again. When I rang them tonight the lad didn't know what a Treo 600 was !!. 'Its not one of our phones sir, its not on my computer!!'

    Anyway, poor lad tried to help and we got him as far as giving me the
    MMS Gateway as =
    MMSC URL as = http://orange.multimedia
    MMSC Port Number as = 9201

    and against the down arrow my GPRS network connection which I know works well and has never failed yet.

    I use GopherKing (which I highly recommend) to recieve all of my email accounts directly to the T600 using Blazer and that works fine.

    What have I missed. When I try to send a picture message it won't have it. Any genius out there cracked it, I would welcome their help.
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    It didn't work for me either, the only time I've tried it. I didn't follow things up but just e-mailed the photo instead, which worked fine...
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    Thanks for that. Yes, I've tried email and its fine. Spoken to Orange this morning and have established that all the settings on the phone are correct but that although my SIM card is MMS and GPRS enabled it is too old (one year old) to support MMS and I would have to buy a new phone with its new SIM card and new telephone number to allow me to use MMS. Talk about Orange being uhelpful and a ripoff !!!!
    If you have a new Treo 600 with its matching SIM card I can send you all the settings. Better still here they are.
    Network settings
    Connection : GPRS
    Username : Orange
    Password : Mutimedia
    APN : orangemms

    and the message settings as posted. Hope this helps you.
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    i had problems with MMS too but with a new sim card, it seems that it's taken 2-3 days for it to actually activate after phoning them up. also GPRS has been down for the past 3 days but i've no idea if the 2 problems are connected in anyway

    it's pointless phoning orange up for any info about the T600 as they don't have a clue about it, even the sales staff couldn't tell me anything about it before i bought one !
    it also seems that there is no way to buy any official accessories anywhere in the UK other than via ebay! i tried which directed me to orange and then orange said they don't stock any accessories and directed me back to handspring

    i just came to the conclusion that orange are useless
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    Its a pity really. The network itself is good and works in many places the others do not. Its almost as they have become box movers and care litle for their customer base (I have 5 phones on Orange and have been on their network since 1999).

    I found out today that even on 451 MMS/GPRS they sit in front of screens with what are refered to as virtual phones. These screens tell them what questions to ask. They don't even know the products their company is selling. You wonder if the powers that be are even monitoring customer service or know whats going on at the 'coal face'.

    Its good that web pages like these exist and people can share their frustrations but why can't English companies deliver a good service.

    Handspring/PalmOne had a good phone with the Treo 270. They have an even better on with the 600 that gets good reviews, is a practical working phone, capable of many different functions, runs Palm OS5, has a distinct Wow factor whan people see it but, yet is marketed at the moment by ................. Orange !!! Do PalmOne know what a poor service is being delivered on one of their products.

    Lets hope that somebody from their company reads these boards, but somehow I doubt it.
    Keep up the good work TreoCentral, you kep me relitively sane as do many of the other hundreds of users that paste up their experiences here.
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    I reckon your problem is settings not SIM(if the service is on your account you should be able to use it).

    I have these and have no problems.

    There are two areas you have to set(case sensitive) - in Prefs, Network and with Service=OrangeMMS, Connection=GPRS, APN=orangemms, no username or password.

    Presuming default MMS client, go to Photo Msg., menu, options, preferences, Custom, edit - MMS gateway=, URL= , port=9201 - selected connection set down the bottom must = OrangeMMS as above.

    Looks like you were given a mixture of MMS and WAP gateway settings, messed up into a connection set rather than a proxy set, as WAP and MMS client settings should be.

    Hope these help.
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    Thanks for your interest. I'll give that a try but I'm almost sure that's the settings I'm using. As I say the SIM is only about 18mnths old so it should work but you never know with our friends Orange...................
    Finaly unlocked Treo 600
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    No, still no joy. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........
    Thanks for trying.
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    Finaly working.................................

    Network settings

    Service = Orange MMS (New entry in Preferences, not sure whether this makes any difference)
    Username = leave blank
    Password = leave blank
    APN = orangemms

    Msgs/MMS software settings

    MMS Gateway Address =
    MMSC URL =
    alternate, both seem to work
    MMSC URL = http://orange.multimedia
    MMSC Port Number as = 9201

    and of course a call to Orange MMS service (07973100451 (option 2)) to make sure data is enabled on account. It also appears to take a few days for it to activate which may have been my problem. (Expecting Orange to activate the account straight away (my impatience!)
    Hope this helps others.
    PS They don't seem to understand the term Treo 600 but mention Handspring and their little eyes light up !!!!
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    Interestingly enough, Orange in Israel is quite with it. When I wanted to set up MMS, they had me send an SMS to 999 (orange special services) with a certain text message and the reply automatically set up my setting for MMS!! WOW!

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