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    I've been looking at various cases for the last couple of weeks and so far the only cases that have truly appealed to me are the Covertec cases. Has anyone purchased one of these? If so, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Keep growing Treocentral!
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    Someone got one waaay back. They posted a bunch of pix and comments. Try doing a search.

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    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    I have the black one and only have one complaint. It is nearly impossible to select text with styli or fingernail, etc. with the plastic cover.

    But, I have tried about 4 other cases and found this one to be best. the construction is top notch (should have included hole for reset, but no big deal) and the clip system is great.
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    Unfortunately, I'm having a problem with the keyboard being covered, but I like having the T6 clipped to the belt and easily accessible. I've been looking at the Bellagio b/c it doesn't cover the keyboard or the screen (stillnot sure how it stays attached to the phone though), but not sure of the quality? I'm also not fond of pouches either (they can easily be opened and the phone taken). Any suggestions or thoughts about the Bellagio PDA phone holder (not the Mod B)? TIA.


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