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    The camera is what you make it. I didnt buy the Treo for the camera, but I enjoy it as an added bonus to an already feature rich device.

    While it does suck in some situations, it's not enough to make or break this phone.

    See the link below for examples of my attempts at this camera. Good timing, composition, and a steady hand can net some ok pics.

    (And yeah Gameboy, time to get a blog!)
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    Originally posted by JTREOB
    That's Sistine Chapel
    You're right!

    Also posted by JTREOB
    and it took Michealangilo . . .
    No, it's Michelangelo!

    Gotcha back!

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    In what's needed to work the camera to any degree of satisfaction, a great deal of tolerance is required which shouldn't have to be the case. A better camera should have been included. It's a disappointment to a overall nice device.

    Thank you NateS I should know better.
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    Originally posted by JTREOB
    In what's needed to work the camera to any degree of satisfaction, a great deal of tolerance is required which shouldn't have to be the case. A better camera should have been included.
    I think all of the carriers are guilty of overstating the capabilities of these phonecams. There's a Tmobile commercial where ZetaJones is sitting in the audience of a Vegas show and supposedly the picture she sends her son in while he's in a locker room is sooooo life-like it's as if Tom Jones is actually performing there. (Or is it the other way around?) All these phonecam commercials are proudly absurd.

    In reality if you try to take a picture under such conditions, he would look like a white speck in a field of black with the obligatory blue splotches surrounding everything, at least with the Treocam. I guess with the other phonecams, you just get the white speck.
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    Here is a shot I took recently while driving a car at a speed of 65 km on a cloudy day with poor light in France! (car window closed)

    How neat! I wanted to start a thread with only treo 600 pictures ! this is cool. My wish have been realised!

    I found a thread on another forum with only spyshot! (lol)

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    JTREOB wrote:
    There's just no hiding the fact that the current 600 camera is for the most part useless and should have been of much greater quality. True objectivity fails anyone who attempts to justify the current camera for spontaneous use. Its intended purpose.

    If you've gotten no use out of it, then it's useless. Some of us have gotten more use out of it. The night photos I posted were completely spontaneous and unedited. Obviously the camera should've been of much greater quality, but it isn't. So we can direct our discussion toward reiterating the obvious or toward ways of improving results with the limited tool at hand. I personally see no other productive course but the latter.

    There's a difference between justifying the camera's limitations and accepting them when they're beyond your control. For better or worse the camera is there, and when you have no other camera around it's the best one available. That's what driving people to use it, not any illusions that it's going to produce any Cartier-Bressons.
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    all camera phones pretty much suck. There are a few that are on par with 1 megapixel digi cams. My friend and my girlfriend both have the LG VX6000 and the pictures from theirs are really only better in low light situations and some of this can be atributed to the built in white balance on the VX6000. The point is if you wanted to take up a bit of photography, then you should buy a camera and not a phone with a camera on it. Like most of the other people here I bought the Treo 600 because it was a Palm device with phone capabilities. I didn't even know it had a camera till i started doing reaserch on features. If you bought it wanting a camera phone, take it back. Everything else it does far outweighs the fact that the camera is not as good as some of the other camera phones out there. And as far as commenting on handspring's decision to include the camera and not something that you would find more useful, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc, is just whining. They included the camera. It's not that great of quality. Get over it. Nobody forced you to shell out the cash for the T600 and if you bought it cause it had a camera then you made a poor decision. (I am sorry to the few of you who have defective cameras, it always sucks when the cool new gadget isn't working. I'm not directing any of this to you)
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    The camera does what t s suppose to. After taking some of the advice on these boards regarding lighting, the last set of photos took today at the North American Intnl Auto Show turned out OK, You can check them out on my Textamerica Blog .

    Again not a great camera, but OK for tmes when I don't have my real one.
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70 (4) This is where you have to look sharp: watch as the incoming light increases, and the moment you've got just the right amount of light, take the picture. If you wait longer, you'll see the blue noise emerge. If this happens, repeat steps (2) and (3).[/color] [/B]
    This technique would suggest that software could be written to automate the process.

    Of course, it might also be interesting to write a filter that removes the objectionable blueness.
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    I agree with Carl here....someone out there could do it.

    I was going to also mention that i achieve the same "manual refresh" by hitting the top power button to put the phone into sleep...hitting the top button again to wake, and then hitting the center button....the image reexposes and you can snap the shot while the camera builds exposure. Its absolutely ridiculous that we have to do that in order to temporarily get rid of the blue dots...but hey it works.
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    Here's a crazy idea. If a small flash could be integrated with an SD memory card, perhaps it could be used with the Treo's camera. A special accessory for the Treo 600!

    SD flash memory + camera flash! = Treo duo flash!

    Price? $99.95

    Handspring, SanDisk, are you listening?
    -Carl Gundel, author of Liberty BASIC
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