How did "Talk Now" end up exclusively on the Treo 600 at Orange?

Here is what it said on the Kodiak Networks website.

"In order to quickly and successfully deploy P2T, wireless carriers require a complete system including P2T enabled handsets in addition to the Kodiak RTX. Kodiak collaborates with our carrier customers to define the right handset offering for subscribers. We work with the handset development teams to embed Kodiak’s handset software into the partner handsets or download the software into their handsets at the point of sale or distribution.

Kodiak has formed partnerships with a number of global handset manufacturers to provide carrier customers a choice of operating systems and phones from low-cost to high-end. Kodiak P2T handset packages are available from Kyocera (CDMA) as well as for the PalmOne OS and Symbian operating systems (GSM). The Treo 600 GSM handset from PalmOne is available with Kodiak P2T. The Treo 600 handset with Kodiak support is under development."

Notice that no cellphone product other than the Treo 600 are mentioned specificially as incorporating p2t. Handspring appears to again have shown foresight by hooking up with Kodiak a while ago, They invested in creating a working system perhaps thinking they could use the applications as a tool to help them sell more service provider networks. They likely brought the potential to do a "Talk Now" network to Orange and now Orange is taking credit for the concept. Likely their investment in Kodiak technology will help Treo sign up other service providers as well.

This is a major benefit for the Treo platform as it continues to gain momentum. In a match between David and the Goliaths that inhabit the cellphone manufacturers world, David keeps out smarting the goliaths.