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    i am trying to d/l it off the handspring site and it ask me for my serial number..i enter it and it says that is not valid
    i checked that 0 is a number and not a letter and i still get an error...what should i do?
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    what new software are you talking about
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    from here
    i meant the software for windows:P
    btw where i can get the last official firmware?
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    that's still not really narrowing it down enough. there's lots of software available on that page. are you talking specifically about the Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager? If so, that's probably no different than the version that came on the disk with your Treo.

    You can find the firmware by doing a search on this forum. It's been posted a few times. And technically I don't know if you can consider it "official" since it's not readily available on handspring's site....

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