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    Can I sync the my Treo 270 to both my Mac and Windows computer simultaneously? Will anything from 1 corrupt the other?

    Running Panther on Mac and XP home on PC.


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    Yes, you can, and no, you should not have any corruption issues (be sure all Conduits are set up appropriately).
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    Please explain further, what conduits do I need? Not sure I understand. I was just going to put Palm 4.0 on both computers. Is this sufficent?
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    You'll be fine with just the desktop on each. I sync to a mac and pc all day long.
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    hello - I asked this same question on a very recent thread and went ahead and took the plunge. I just used the treo installation cd for both mac and windows, using the same userid and everything is working great. Everything you need is automatically installed via the cd.

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