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    Originally posted by scudder
    I think you will find it is the cheap card you bought rather than the rediculously expensive PDA... I could be wrong though :-)
    you are wrong. I use panasonic cards, which are regarded to be the best, and are pricier. I still have this problem. got any better suggestions?

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    Originally posted by jasonsf
    I'm going to remove LauncherIII and see if that has any affect.

    So far, I have had no problems with my card since I removed LauncherIII. Anyone else with this problem using LauncherIII?

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    The more folks that report SD probs then we might have a T600 corruption problem, but I am still prepared to blame the SC card.
    Might be worth a new thread polling SD prbs.
    I find it odd that a card I still have shows corrupt files on the PC but is fine if I keep it as a T600 card exculsively, it works fine.
    OH and BTW, there is a thread about avoiding your card being inadvertently ejected... but it does entail using a nail file to pear down the edges so it fits the slot... and it works if you dont get over enthusiastic about the removal of too much plastic.
    Ask your partner before borrowing the emery board is my advice.
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    Originally posted by glenng

    you are wrong. I use panasonic cards, which are regarded to be the best, and are pricier.
    What speed is that card rated? I tried one of the "10Mb/s" cards when I was trying to find oen to work with my camera and it did indeed work with the camera, but VFSMark showed it to be significantly slower that the SanDisk Ultra II's in many areas (I don't remember which ones now) so I took it back.

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    10Mb/s is correct. Their was comparison's between the Ultra II's and Panasonic with VFSMark yielding slightly better performance with the Ultra II. I agree. However, I'll take Panasonic's quality control over Sandisk's any day. Panasonic cards have performed consistently well in all my other palm handhelds, as opposed to certain Sandisks having trouble on almost all palm platforms. I doubt the dis-mounting issue has to do with the card you are using. I think it is more the device. But, that is not to say that an inferior card is not the cause of inferior performance.

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    I have a Sandisk Ultra II 256, and it was fine in the device until recently, and now seems to decide to stop being seen by the Treo. But it is always fixed by popping it out and in again without corruption. However, I am unable to backup the card onto my mac via my usb2 reader. But I have no way of knowing if the Treo, the card, or the reader are at fault, or maybe even my mac, although the reader seems like like my CF cards just fine. I'm tempted to think it's the card. For some reason, the not been seen inthe Treo issue was common for a few weeks, and now seems less so.
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    I have a 64 panasonic and, a 512 sandisk.. Both work fine, although I have to re-load them often enough. Doesnt bother me much, whatever... however now t600 seems to reboot recently, and often when working with the card, not always. I think it's a bogus app, I've added a LOT of stuff lately.

    Back to the point.
    I got a 256 Sandisk for xmas, and unlike my other cards, i guess i was in a rush to load music on it, and for whatever reason it loaded from the pc fine, but then wouldnt read on the treo, or on the pc anymore.. corrupt.. Sandisk was nice, and I expect a new one in the mail soon.

    Otherwise I use my cards for everything, but I KNOW they were formatted with the phone. I use them to xfer files between computers, and in other devices... once they are set, I think they are fine. I would hate to hotsync info to the card.. it would take forever with my usage.

    my $.02
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    I've experienced this problem to. There's another thread about this at: >> Discussion >> Accessories >> SD(IO) Cards:
    Treo 600 corrupted Sandisk 256MB SD Card.

    I've posted detailed problems I've had with sd cards there but here's a quick recap... 64mb FujiFilm, currupted. Tried formatting with both Treo600 & WinXP, nada. Sandisk256 good for a week then corrupted... Although I can use the Sandisk now if I load everything (mainly mp3's & px) through the palm install tool.

    Oh, new thing,... some of the mp3's have recently started corrupting. If I delete them (FileZ) and re-install them (install tool) they are Ok, for now...

    my 2bits
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    I have the exact setup as you and having the same problem...your suggestion of removing Launcher III helped (for now). The corruption of the card stopped the moment I stopped using LIII. Right now I am wondering what I can do to see if I have a bad card or Treo? I am wondering whether anyone have this problem and have it fixed it besides returning the card or not using an outside reader.

    When I got my CDMA Treo 600 with Kingston 512 SD Card, I formatted the card via Treo and everything was working great for a week and then I would get the eject me or I won't work runaround. I tried formatting it on the Treo again, format it on my Mac...since I use 2 card readers (one at home and another in my office), I want to see if it's the reader. I have used this card on my Tungsten C with no problems until I put it on my Treo so I know the card is good.

    Has anybody gotten 1 GB cards without this issue? Has anyone gotten a Kingston 512 and NOT have this problem? I don't mind the ejecting and inserting but I have apps that use the SD card quite often. Is there a program that would access the drive on a continual basis? Or a program that can fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by jasonsf
    I'm using a SprintPCS Treo 600 and I got a Kingston 512 mb SD card. It seems to work fine for a while and then I need to eject it and reseat it to get it working again. When it stops working, Filez gets giberish for the card name and sees no files on it. Audible player doesn't detect the files on it. Card Export won't connect. Etc. Ejecting and reinserting usually does the trick.

    Anyone else experience this? Bad card? Bad Treo? I also had some problems with file corruption using a card reader on my desktop but I thought maybe that was file system incompatability.

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    I've been using a SanDisk 512 Mb card for a week now with no trouble. (Knock on wood!!)
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    I do the same thing... format all new cards in the Treo 600 first. I am using a SanDisk 128, Lex 256, PQI 512 and new SanDisk 512 and no problems so far with corruption or reading.
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    I pulled a 512 SanDisk from my Pocket PC and started using it. The same corruption people are mentioning above. I put it back into the PocketPC and it read fine.

    At this point, I formatted it with CardInfo and will leave it in this device and see if things behave better.
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    I've been using a 256M SanDisk for about 9 months now. Works great. Intermittant popouts due to the strap from the Palm Treo holster. Just re-insert the card. Occasionally it loses track of the card. Just pop it out and re-insert. The real bad part was when I first bought the SanDisk. I was on a trip and bought the card at a Costco. When I inserted the SanDisk the Treo did a hard reset. I didn't have access to my Palm/Handspring backup files so was OOL for three weeks with my contacts, etc. Yikes...
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    I found an interesting solution for my problem with the Treo "forgeting" my SD card, I uninstalled Launcher III and found out my problems "disappeared" but had an ocassional hiccup of forgetfulness. I kind of fell in love with the simplicity of Launcher III so I inquired about the upgrade Launcher X. I tried the demo and my forgetfullness is gone completely! I copied stuff to the card, downloaded music from my Mac through the reader, use Filez, problems. I then had a theory that Launcher X has a built-in "refresher" that sort of keeps track of everything on my Treo including my SD card. It does so automatically and can do it manually as well. So far, it consistently keeps my SD card in mind and I no longer have to pop the card in and out of slot when I use it. I thought I'd just pass this along.

    p.s. I just registered Launcher X...nice and simple app with alot of potential.
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