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    Hi there,
    Couple of separate questions.

    1) Is there are software available for the Treo 600 that will allow me to view and work with Microsoft Project 2003 files ?

    2) I've been using Basejet to access my corporate mail with a lot of success. I was going to go ahead and purchase now that it's expired but wanted to see if there are any other solutions I should consider. Ideally I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to synch Mail, Calendar and Tasks.

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    I can answer the 1st question....

    Check out Natara Project@Hand

    Our P@H v1.5 release is currently the only one that syncs with MS Project. It may have a couple of display issues with OS 5 devices, but it will work.

    You may also want to look at our Project@Hand 2. It is currently a handheld only product, but we are working to release a beta of our add-on conduit that allows you to sync with MSP also. When that is released, it will replace our older P@H v1.5 application.

    You can contact us directly if you have any further questions. Send an email to either sales or support at

    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    For a single user, Basejet might be the best option - however if your company uses exchange and wants a better solution, I would try out what Good Technology ( has to offer. Their goodlink stuff is supposed to be really good - but it is pretty pricey.

    And Bryan - I never knew you guys did a ms project viewer software.. You learn something new every day..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks Guys! Proj@Hand Looks perfect and seems to work fine with MS Project 2003. Looking forward to experimenting with it.

    Also think I'll go with Basejet.

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    Originally posted by miradu

    And Bryan - I never knew you guys did a ms project viewer software.. You learn something new every day..
    It's more than a viewer. It's done full sync with MS Project since 1999. That's was our flagship product. It's not something your everyday Palm user would be interested in. But for those folks that have to do PM and have a Palm, it's really popular. (You wouldn't believe the number of requests we get from PocketPC users to provide a port. A couple of years ago we thought M$ would have eaten our cake by now if we had done that.)
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    Hmmm...Project@Hand 2 looks very interesting. Time to test it. Thanks for the info.

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    Natara has been working on the beta Project@Hand 2 (sync) forever.

    Any idea how much longer we are going to have to wait?

    I'm still using Ver 1.5, but I would really like to "create" projects/items on my Treo (and have it sync'ed back to my desktop project).

    Hasn't it been over a year since you (Natara) said it was on it's way?

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    Yep, it's behind schedule. I'm probalby going to be putting out a release in the next couple of days that has desktop -> HH support (AKA stuck in desktop overwrites handheld mode), and then get out the DT <-> shortly after. You'll probalby want to wait until that 2nd release. (I don't trust the DT<->HH quite yet, so I'm working on making it more stable.)

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