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    Hey everyone, I have a quick question. I have a treo 600, and my service provider, ATTWS does not have any real affordable data plans. As such, I was wondering whether the Treo has the capability to connect to a dialup account and also use Blazer or other web browsers while maintaining that connection. I realize the fundamental difference between GPRS and voice call connections, but as it is, I am unable to enjoy a very lucrative aspect of the Treo!
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    Right there with you Sherv - I made the mistake of jumping to ATTWS from T-Mo a couple months before getting my T600. I would like to use my free 10 hours of RoadRunner dialup each month, but I have had no luck getting it working with my Treo (firmware 3.04, btw).

    Advice anyone?
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    Yes, you can use a dial-up account, but it is painfully slow. I know that on Cingular I have both the Wireless Internet Express (GPRS) as well as Wireless Internet (CSD). You cna manually choose the Network setting in your Home > Preferences > Network menu. Note that if you are dialed up for web/Blazer or e-mail, you will not be able to receive calls.
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    I have set up the login script as directed by my ISP, but it still does not work. They told me to contact the vendor to find out how to set it up for PPP; I have not done so yet.
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