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    While I appreciate the button re-mapping capability of the T600, Switcheroo was most convenient when using the 270, allowing the jump to any application with the press of two buttons and then one other button. Can this be used on the T600? Any issues?

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    I've been using Button Launcher. Allows up to 9 applications to be mapped to each individual hard button by pressing the button multiple times. My setup on the phone button, for example:

    1 Press = Phone
    2 presses = Snapper Mail
    3 presses = Symmetry Pro (Trial)
    4 presses = SMS
    5 presses = TakePhone (Trial)

    Another button has 5 games assigned to it. I like it very much, and it seems to work fine with the Treo 600.
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    I really like SpeedLaunch. It's very easy to setup and works like a charm on the Treo 600. It allows you to map up to 40 apps to your buttons.

    My setup is similar to the previous poster. Each button has a 'category' of apps assigned. My first button has games, my second button has 'office' related apps, etc.
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    Hi Launcher allows you to have a "windows like" feel. The Menus arefully configurable!

    Check it out here!

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