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    If you've got a Nutshell case for the Treo 600, can you give me some idea how snugly the phone fits? Or perhaps the opposite: how easy is it to remove and replace the phone?

    I don't want to have to struggle with two hands to get the phone out. On the other hand, does it fit snugly enough to choose the no-flap option without fear of the phone falling out?

    Bob Meyer
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    I have the Nutshell case for my Treo 600 and I love it! At first, the fit was very snug, so I always stored it at night with a couple of plastic writing pens tuck along the Treo's sides to help stretch it a bit. In a couple of days it was perfect. I ordered mine with the TAB on the top for security. I've been using it for a couple of months now and it is very easy to remove/insert the Treo with one hand.

    When I know I will be using the phone frequently, I fold the velcro TAB over toward the back so that it is out of my way.

    One word of advise, make sure you always insert the Treo so that the screen faces toward the back of the case. The front of the Nutshell case puts just enough pressure on the space bar to cause it to auto-answer incoming phone calls, and if you don't hear the phone ring you will miss the caller and they won't have an opportunity to leave a message either. I found that the back of the Nutshell has a stiff inner liner that prevents the pressure on the space bar, so I always make sure I slip the Treo into the case with the screen facing me.

    Its a great case and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Tuff-as-Nuts in the future.
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    And one more question, if you don't mind:

    I find the ringer on my phone pretty hard to hear when it's in my pocket, and see that the Nutshell case doesn't have any opening for the speaker area. How easy / hard do you find it to hear the phone while in the case.

    Thanks again,
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I have some auto answer problems with this case. I actually found I have to have the screen facing outwards to prevent it but that only reduces it, it doesn't eliminate it completely.

    Other than that, a very well manufactured case the holds the Treo well, I have no top loop and never even come close to losing it. Great clip, you need two hands to get it on and off your belt.

    If you still want one, I'll sell you mine since my Ivolution case is shipping soon.


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