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    This was mentioned on a T600 hardware thread, but thought I'd throw in my $0.02 after using mine for a week.

    - $9.95. In stock, literally on the way home from work for me. Can order online if needed.

    - Looks too small and is in reality, but not by much. Elastic stretches and holds my Treo VERY securely. Trust me, it ain't coming out unless I want it to. Not that getting it in and out is difficult at all ( after 1 hour, can literally do it without looking ). But the "fit" isn't perfect. For $10, I can live with it.

    - Swivel belt clip. No "clicks" or indentations, just a great swivel clip that allows you to position the phone in your preferred position. Yes, it will move when getting in and out of a vehicle. No big deal to move it back to where you like.

    - Incredibly thin profile ( i.e. doesn't stick out much from your belt). Would be even slimmer if custom fitted to the phone. In casual business or jeans, no problem. Wearing a suit or blazer? I throw my T600 into an inside breast pocket and forget the friggin belt case anyway most of the time!

    - "Business look". I'm not sure if it's cheap *** leather, "pleather" or vinyl. But, it's black, relatively classy looking and extremely unobtrusive. Not to mention it hasn't scuffed up at all so far! Hanging off a belt with a decent suit? Not an issue personally.

    I'm a consultant, fly my **** off and will absolutely put this thing through the wringer over the next 90 days. Follow up report coming as needed (or in my speak), prn. YMMV.
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    I missed the original threads, apparently. Can you give me a little more info on which case to look for at Comp USA?

    Bob Meyer
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    I have had this case for a week and it is excellent. I think the fit is just right. Tight enough to hold the phone but still easy to pull out. Here are the details from Comp USA website. Just enter the product number in the search window and you will find it. Make sure you get the large case.

    Just Wireless Large Swivel Case, Black
    Manufacturer: Just Wireless
    Mfg Part #: 12287
    Product Number: 303096
    Price: $9.99
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    Here's my thread, where I posted some photos of the case. Its a great case for ten bucks. Make sure that you get the large version. I would agree as to profile. Stays very close to my hip.
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    I previously comented on yet a third thread on this case that I stopped using mine after realizing how the lack of rigidity of the case material can easily send the belt clip apparatus squishing right into the screen with a light bump. The alternative is to have the screen facing outward which would allow any objects that you may bump into to do similar damage to the screen and keyboard. I'd like the case much better if it had a rigid reinforcement to the material in the back of the case.
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    Thanks all for the comments and links. I will check this case out, taking Aether's comments into consideration. The price is certainly right, and I think I've decided I like the permanently attached belt clips better than the swivel kind.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I do keep my T600 face out in the case (fits in MUCH better that way). So far, no problems with bumping the screen. I've got a G2 on it and the front and back of the case are pretty rigid. As far as the case holding up, it's doing fine so far. Belt clip is great, no visible wear and as before, I really love the E-Z swivel on the clip. The clip doesn't have a J hook, but that is a plus in my book. Easy to get on and off my belt, but I don't even think about it coming off accidently. I mean, you've got to deliberately pull it off your belt.

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