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    When performing a Sync it would read "synchronizing BatteryGraph" for the longest time.

    I don't believe it, and it was adding to the time of a Sync.

    Also, I believe that it was using more battery faster, specially when browsing.

    Maybe while looking into the battery's business it interfered (like when you look at the atom you are interfering with it.)

    Maybe I'm full of it but I think there might be something there.

    Plus really besides gossip it was providing no more information than the battery indicator.
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    I deleted BatteryGraph for a similar reason. When I began using Chatter the size of the BatteryGraph file became unmanageably large. I think it was logging all the times Chatter connected to the network, which was thousands of times per day. Loading BG took several minutes while the very detailed graph was rendered. It became more of a nuisance to run it than it was worth. BG was a nifty little program but I find I get along okay without it.
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    FWIW, there are settings in BG to limit the size of the db (by time or record count or both), and to not ssync the db.

    I had the same issues as y'all till I set those options appropriately.


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    It took forever to sync ... and a long time to load.

    Wasn't really worth it.
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