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    Well the magazine has launched yet but Ziff-Davis the people behind cnet, PC Magazine and a few others are launching a new magazine title.

    It is called SYNC but the first issue cover story is all on the Treo 600. Includes a pic of T600 on cover. See mock up here

    The mag isn't out yet but good to see T600 getting major coverage.

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    it says it won't be out 'til summer 2004....that is a long way off. there may even be a new treo by then. but hey....i love tech magazines. i wish mobile computing ( i think that was the name) hadn't folded. it seems a lot of magazines come and go. here's wishing SYNC all the best.
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    WOW ..the first issue and the Treo600 is on the cover....YES!!

    Nothing like free press......and a positive one at that!

    "TREOO 600.........What you NEED!!!!"

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