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    Just wondering if anyone out there can still use the AOL mail portal on a treo 300? Mine used to work fine... the url was This quit working several months ago, and I figured sprint just changed the address. I kept meaning to look up the new one, kept putting it off. Then, the other day, I really needed to check an aol account while on a trip. I couldn't, and mentioned it to the guy I was flying with. Well, he whips out his sprint phone (not a treo, just a regular vision enabled phone) and goes right to the aol portal. I asked him what url he was on, and, of course, This still doesn't work on my device.

    Now I'm ticked. Why should someone with a regular (cheaper) phone be able to access this portal, while I cannot? I keep putting off buying aol for palm because all I need is the very occasional ability to check for new messages. I don't even need to read them right away, just see if they're there. I'm not paying $20 for this.

    So... can anyone else still use this portal? If not, any idea why we can't?

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    I'm not an AOL emailer user so I can't test this, but can you use:
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    Dear Cutlass80R2,

    I was looking for the SprintPCS AOL Portal too and saw this old post of yours. I'm assuming that on your Treo 300 you have SprintPCS Vision service.

    Have you tried:
    1. Messaging
    2. Email
    2. AOL Mail

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Dave Lindberg

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