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    Problem/Issue: Battery indicator does not always decrease or increase after being in desktop charger. After charging to 100%(and the indicator light turning green) the battery indicator does not always decrease with usage. The opposite is also true of the charging side. It DOES charge, but the battery indicator does not always show fully charged, it will show whatever the battery status was before charging.

    Question: Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

    Fix: A soft reset does fix the problem, however, I would rather not have to worry about doing this everytime I charge it just to check the actual battery status. This is a pain since I keep this at hand, and phone on, 24/7.
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    Fred -

    I've been having the same exact prob

    my 600 ended up getting Hard Resetted because of a power failure

    that fixed it for awhile, but its acted up again

    do you know of a solution?
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    I just soft-resetted and that seems to help

    try it out

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