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    When you consider the following point maybe you will agree..maybe not. I submit that the T6 is about norm in the world of cell phones but it is the best combo unit but doen't excel in these basic points which would make it a star in cell phone history
    1. talk time - my old Nokia lasted longer maybe if it had a removable battery.
    2. durability - One drop and its over, happened to me.
    3. Reception - depends on the carrier but the T6 is average at best.
    4. features - 4a. standard are better than most cells. 4b. addon features unlimitted depending on buget.
    5. display - without 320 it is again average
    6. Accessarie - low average it should coome with a car charger and premium case.
    7. Cost - your call. a good basic pda
    250 & a good cell 250 so 500 ... again your call.
    So all that said I am still over joyed at this phone because although it's not the best in every way it far exceed my current needs.
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    I'd agree that there are better phones, and better PDAs, but no better combo.

    As far as your specific points:

    Drops--all depends on what and how it hits. Dropped my PDAs a number of times without damage. Dropped the Treo once, on carpet: no damage. But I wouldn't own this unit w/o a replacement plan.

    Reception--don't have a lot of things to compare to, but it's at least as good as my last Samsung is. Good enough for my needs, in my location. I do wish it had analog roam, though, for when I get out in the boonies.

    Display--depends on what you compare to. Far better than any phone I've ever seen. A step behind other PDAs. But it's plenty good enough for what I use it for, and the brightness and contrast make up for the small size and low res in a lot of situations.

    Accessories--car charger, yes. Case, no. People's taste in cases is too variable. I don't want to pay for a premium case that doesn't fit my taste/needs.

    Cost--Actually, I'd say $200 for a good PDA and $200 for a decent phone = $400, which is what I paid after rebates. (Of course, I'd get a rebate on a cheaper phone, too.) But the price is worth it for me for a couple of reasons: I only have to carry one device, not two; and even a $400 cell phone and a $400 pda won't give me the kind of integration I get on the Treo 600.
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    Agreed. RIMM is better for email, PocketPCs are better for video, etc.

    But NOTHING comes close is doing as many things right as the Treo 600. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    There is no "best" anything. As an intelligent human being you should grasp a serious hold of this concept, for it applies to everything in this world you interface with...

    "Best" is a matter of perception. In my eyes, in my world, with what I do, and what I need the Treo is the logical (a.k.a. best) choice for me. I'm also positive there will be far better devices in the near future that I will end up purchasing because they will be the logical choice for me, at that time.

    I hope this makes some sense... Be open-minded!
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    There is such thing as the best. at least for me. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first

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