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    I recently noticed the following:

    I have 2 settings in the network prefs, one for Vodafone GPRS and one for Vodafone MMS.
    The default setting is and was Vodafone GPRS so that when a web connection was necessary (email, blaser) the GPRS was connected.
    When sending or receiving a MMS I didn't have to switch the connetion to Vodafone MMS. This was used automatically by the MMS app.

    Now and I think it began after applying the 2.08 firmware, I have to manually switch to Vodafone MMS when I want to send or retrieve MMS and back to GPRS for internet connections.
    This is a pain. I haven't changed anything else so I presume it was the firmware update.

    Any ideas out there?

    Thanks in advance
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    the culprit was TrafficStat which I installed today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I uninstalled it and all is back to normal.

    It has taken me 4 hrs to figure this out
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    I am having the same problem...

    Have you spoken to the Trafficstat people about it. Maybe if a couple of people talk to them we might get it fixed up.
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