Well, having used and loved treos since the 300, I must say that the voice quality of the headsets are horrible. I even shelled out the exhorbitant price for the "premium" silver colored headset from handspring for the Treo 600 (on sprint) and half the time I can't understand what the other person is saying. I recently got ATT wireless for data and as a test activated a voice plan on it. There is simply no comparison as to clarity of calls. I don't think this is a sprint network issue, as I also have a T608 on sprint and using that with a jabra headset with the eargel and a boom mike results in crystal clear calls.

Any way we can use a jabra eargel boommike headset with our treo 600 or does it mean having to junk the treo 600 and buy a bluetooth gsm phone + ipaq (the sprint aup prohibits using vision for tethering to anything)