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    I just came back from a business trip in France. I brought with me my Treo 600 (Cingular). At Charles de Gaulle (Paris Airport) I bought a prepaid SIM card (Bouygues Telecom) and I put it inside the Treo. I waited maybe 30 secs and I saw on the screen : Welcome to Bouygues. When you get a prepaid card from this provider you have only 10mns talk time. Few hours later I bought a new recharge 25 euros this time (=1 hours of talk time).
    My Treo worked very well overthere.

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    That's good to know. Have you tried out GPRS? I hear that none of the French providers offer GPRS service on prepaid cards right now...(at least, that was supposedly the case as of last summer).
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    None of the 3 operators in France are offering prepaid GPRS. But they are offering WAP access.


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