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    On a slightly different topic...

    Everytime I have a soft reset, I notice that BC PE sets itself as the default for the mail hardware button (whereas I have Snappermail as the primary function for this button). Any idea how I get BC to STOP mapping itself?

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    MobileGhost (or anyone else) can you explain to me why Bizcon does not provide attachment editing/viewing they way Snappermail does with Quickoffice or Docs to Go?

    Obviously not everyone has QOP or Docs2Go, but it seems if you have them Bizcon should use them.

    Seems like BizCon is playing catchup with Blackberry instead leapfrogging them with real editing/viewing of attachments.

    just curious.
    Palm Pre and a nice collection of Treos: 755p, 700, 650, 600, 300 and Palm Pilots, Visors, and Sony Clie
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    Obviously you need docs to go to edit.

    There is an option to install attachment viewing capability during the last step of installing the desktop agent.


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    I have the 'viewing' installed - it is crude at best. It destroys XLS files. I don't even bother. I just forward the mail to one of my pop accounts so I can open with Snappermail and QuickOffice Premier. Then you can EDIT and VIEW with decent formatting.

    My question is not how. I know how.

    I was just wondering why BizCon can't do the same thing as Snappermail when you have QuickOffice Premier or Docs 2 go installed (they register themselves).
    Palm Pre and a nice collection of Treos: 755p, 700, 650, 600, 300 and Palm Pilots, Visors, and Sony Clie
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    Ah ha, a helper app or a linked app question.

    I am clueless, maybe Mobileghost can help.


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    People seem to be seeking info in the last few posts about attachment viewing in BC. Currently BC is designed to use a back-end solution on your desktop to convert documents into a displayable format that the BC client can render on the device. So currently it does not have the capability to link into external programs (a bit obvious to most by now). :-)

    Given the advent of native attachment viewers, better device support and the market demand it would seem logical that these features could show up at some point in the client. I wonder if the Sprint Marketing folks cruise TreoCentral?
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