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    Can you take a Sprint T6 and change carriers to Verizon?
    I recall a link where it said this was possible.
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    You can hack the phone to send and receive calls on the Verizon network, but so far, no one has successfully gotten the data side of the Treo to work with Verizon. Altho Verizon coverage is better in my area than Sprint, i have been pleasantly surprised at how much better the Sprint coverage is now than it was when I last tried it ~2yrs ago. Plus, the $15 unlimited* data plan is a MUCH better price than with any other carrier.

    Since I assume that Verizon will not support my Treo if I have any problems on their network, and since the Treo makes email/SMS/web surfing so much more accessible than I would have imagined, I've decided just to stick with Sprint. it's worth it to be able to use the Treo. If Verizon ever releases the Treo on their network, I may well switch even though it costs more. On the other hand, I've only identified one or two weak spots in the Sprint coverage where I normally travel (compared to Verizon, which had virtually no weak spots - again, in the areas where I most commonly travel), and the 15 buck data plan is hard to beat.

    Hmmm... never thought I'd say it, since up till now I've always thought that Sprint coverage sucks (which I have to admit is no longer true for me) and that Sprint customer service sucks (now this IS true...except if you can find that 1 out of 3 reps that knows what they're talking about, then service is fine)...

    but hey, Sprint is not so bad after all.
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    my only problem is that now that I am on the road more and more I find that Sprint is only as good a the interstates. Once you get away from a major city or interstate signal service is very sparse. On the other hand Vz blankets the nation So since they are both CDMAs and not problem with the phone numbers I thought it should just plain work....
    Am I wrong?
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    I had a problem in my area with Sprints coverage. I recieved a flier with my bill early in 2003 that said Sprint was adding 1000 more towers nationwide. I have noticed a big change in my area coveragewise since about early november.

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