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    I discovered today, much to my surprise, the my Treo 600 (Sprint) won't answer a call while hot-syncing. Callers hear 5 or 6 rings, and get pushed over to voice mail. Disapointing.

    Also, the 600 can display an Orange (amber) LED indicator. I'm not sure it this is the red and green lighting simultaneously (didn't look like it to me), or if there's another LED hiding in there. I had TreoButler and TreoAlertMgr installed at the same time. I'm not positive, but I think the Red alert light from TreoButler was lit, and I received an SMS message. Whatever the exact situation, the led was very clearly amber, not red. If this is software controllable, it might be of interest.
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    I don't know if it's of much use, but I too, saw the LED go amber on my Sprint T600. In my case it was while inserting/removing an SD card that seems to be corrupted (and is unreadable anywhere).....

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    I also see the LED turn amber when I lose service.

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