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    Can someone tell me where the best place to go for basic setup, i.e. Treo 600 for dummies. I have not used a palm in several years and can not find some of the simple adjustments I used to make on the palm e.g. screen icon organization. Also I can not figure out how to use email best. I currently Pop3 my business email into outlook. Outlook mail does not synchronize.

    All the stuff on this site is great, but I guess I need some basics
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    Hmmm...I think the manual has some basic stuff in it. For e-mail setup, I am sure that you can find some good information here. Just post exactly what you are trying (or would like) to do and I am sure that someone will point you in the right direction. The only other option that I know is to get something like Palm Computing For Dummies Quick Reference.

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    With the basic application app, you can move the apps to a different page by changing its category.

    if not at the application program, hit the home button (the little house on the bottum of the keyboard).

    If you tap the drop down menu, you can edit the categories if you want.

    then you can re-arange the icons by changing there categories. hit menu, the category.

    You will need a conduit to sync your email over to your treo. I no longer use this method to get my mail, so I'm not up with what email programs currently do this.

    I use snapper mail to get my mail now. It is a regular pop 3 client. There are a bunch of others. look inthe communication section of this board for more info.
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    I've not seen much on this in the various threads...did you know that Palm's VersaMail 2.5 runs perfectly fine on the Treo 600? I've been a Palm user for several years, and went from a IIIx through the IIIxe, to a Zire 71, and now the Treo. From the IIIxe on I was using MultiMail (now called VersaMail), Palm's POP3/IMAP email software package. Up through the Zire 71, I was using my Palm modem configured to connect to my business IMAP account and my AT&T POP3 account. When I went to the Treo, I deleted the VersaMail software from the Zire 71 and moved it to the Treo. I think Palm says that it isn't compatible -- or nothing at all -- about it. I believe VersaMail 2.5 is still for sale on the Palm website.

    However, I now connect my Treo to my IMAP business account, my AT&T POP3 account, and SprintPCS account using VersaMail 2.5. I tried Aileron and a couple of other packages or services, but the price for VersaMail was right (came free with the Zire). The only thing that I had to do to get it to work for my IMAP business account was to use Sprint as my SMTP (outgoing) mail server. I do the same for my AT&T account.

    VersaMail allows me to do automatic mail pulls from my IMAP account. Mail accounts that use SSL (AT&T) don't allow this sort of pull technology. Funny thing...Handspring is making such a big deal over their Beta POP3 software when the Palm software has been able to do it all along...with IMAP accounts, no less...


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