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    I was looking for a wi-fi card to install to my treo ... and i found this:

    Anybody knows if it works with treo 600? Or with PALM TUNGSTEN W?

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    well, looks like this works on the Palm universal connector with OS4 and OS5 units. why the Tungsten E isn't supported is beyond me. actually, the m100 doesn't use the palm universal connector. it is possilbe that this uses the IR port.

    something like this COULD work with the treo IF a version with the treo connector were offered. or, if this is IR based, the treo could very well work.
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    So? Did you buy it? Does it work?
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    Gaaah! Their 802.11 is all Palm-based only (requires a Palm Univ. connector). They've got an IR-based GSM/GPRS product, but we don't exactly need that, do we?
    If one could only combine the two...

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