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    When I am in Blazer and am typing something long, an auto text box comes up and I cannot get rid of it. When I hit OK or Cancel it stays. I have to exit out of Blazer completely. Has anyone had this problem or no how to get rid of it.

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    Does this happen on all web pages, or just one in particular? If it's just one, what's the URL?
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    It happens on every web page whenever I enter text which is long.
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    Your problem is probably caused by another app on the device. Does it still happen after a hard reset?
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    Within the last few days, I've started having the same problem.

    When entering text in a variety of websites (google, yahoo, elementownersclub, etc...) I cannot enter text longer than the text box on the site.

    If I try to type more characters than that, the Blazer "Text Entry" box pops up. If I keep adding text then hit ok, the text transfers back to the website's text box, then it immediately pops up the Text Entry box again.

    I cannot get rid of the Text Entry box unless I delete enough text in the Text Entry box to get below the website's text box limit.

    I can't think of anything I've installed in the last week that may be causing the problem.

    I'm not quite ready to do the hard reset yet. I'd appreciate any other suggestions.

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    I have also have experienced the same problem for some time now. If someone figures out how to fix this it would be great. Let me know if you try the hard reset.

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    I guess that it is something that we installed. I would hate to do a hard reset and have to reinstall everything individually.
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    I had the same problem and the culprit was VolumeRocker. When I unchecked the "Rockers post Tungsten T" category the problem no longer existed.
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    Thank you. I will check it out because I also have that installed.
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    Again Thank You. That was the problem.
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    Yup, that worked for me too.



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