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  • Terrible. Worse than my other phones

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  • Okay. So-So phone quality like the last generation of Treos

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    Can anyone clarify how well the T600 works in comparison to other phones (not Smartphones or PDAs)?

    I have a Treo 270 and I have to say it's definitely a step down from my old StarTac. The speaker sounds bad unless my ear is in exactly the right place, which is with the lid biting into my ear. Even then the volume is low, and the quality is mediocre. People have commented on the tinny voice quality.

    Most importantly for me, it seems to take 20-60 seconds to find a network. SLOW! When I drive, it normally drops calls as it transits from tower zone to zone, even if both zones read full 4 bars 15 seconds apart. When I talk to my provider Tmobile says "we have poor coverage areas but those are not them, your phone should be picking up well."

    I can tell the 270 just sucks at pulling in signal, is too sluggish to switch towers gracefully, and generally does phone stuff marginally. My wife's free no-name sprint phone does a better job.

    I love the pda features of the 270, but the phone aspects are a step backward. One more thing. Seems the first time I switch the wireless mode on, the first call always hangs up after about 10 secs before connecting, and I need to dial again.

    I want to know if Treo 600, with its faster chip and better speaker, is any better at general phone duties. Does it pick up signal well/Fast? Is there still the interminable wait before you can even dial? Poor signal strength and/or sound?

    If not improved, I'm going elsewhere. I'm sick of having a fancy but awful phone.
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    My last phone was a Samsung N-200 (at least I think that's the right model number). I'd say the T600 pretty much equals it in performance as a phone, with one exception.

    The only places I've had dropped calls is in a couple of locations where I had the same problem with the old phones. It drops into Roaming mode at the local post office, just like my Samsung did (but be aware the 600 is digital only--no analog roam. (This could be good or bad, depending on your point of view). It connects to the Sprint network as fast, or maybe a little faster than, my Samsung did.

    The ear piece has to be positioned properly to hear clearly, but that's true of all the cell phones I've used recently. The "bump" surrounding the speaker on the 600 may actually make this a little easier.

    My only complaint about it, as a phone, is that I wish the ring volume was higher. Even all the way up it's too easy to miss a call in a noisy environment.
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    This has been the best pda-phone I've tried out yet. The Tunsgten W would beat this phone hands down if it weren't for the wide and awkward size along with the only way of making a call via a headset (aspects of the Tungsten W). The screen res. and camera is pathetic. Yes, Palmone states that it is to conserve battery power, but in order to catch up with other competitors, the low res screen is a turn off. Also, the "sound distortion" has been brought up many times in this forum and the AT&T Wireless forum. This is obviously a bug that may need a patch/update or something to remedy this ordeal. A tad overpriced and there will definitely be something better down the road. If Tungsten could put together a smartphone that has the PDA capabilities of a T3 and the call quality of Siemens or Nokia, then there would be a start.
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    Can anybody comment on the quality of the t-mobile version. Are all the versions the same from Sprint to Cingular to ATT to TMobile?

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