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    I went to download the Palm Desktop from Handspring today (because I had to reformat my laptop, and that's one of the apps I lost) and it asked for my serial number. I flipped my 600 over and realized that the ESN / SN sticker was gone. So I figured the number would be in preferences somewhere. I looked all through preferences, but couldn't find the number. Is the SN stored anywhere else on the unit? Thanks,

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    it's on the box.

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    When in the Phone Application, press Menu->Options->Phone Info

    That has your serial number.
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    Just cause I can't resist trying something, I went to my phone info. I don't have a Number, an d IMEI Number, an SA Number, and no Firmware. Does that sound right to anyone?
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    All this info only shows up when the Wireless Mode is ON....
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    Originally posted by vish0402
    All this info only shows up when the Wireless Mode is ON....
    By golly, you're right! Now that it's after 5 a.m. and TreoTools has turned my radio on, I have all sorts of information!

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