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    Cannot have my Outlook email pushed to my Treo. Get a "Error 302" message. Funny thing is that I still get email alerts (but not the actual email). Anyone? After an hour with Sprint, they had to write up a "ticket" - whatever that means. Now I'm in some basement sublevel of Sprint Customer Service hell............
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    Curious: were you ever able to sync successfully all the time? (I was, until my unit hard reset itself and I had to reload my programs)
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    When they write up a ticket, it means they're sending it up the tech support chain and that you'll get a reply back eventually. With one of mine about number porting it took about 12 hours or so.
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    Thanks for a great suggestion. Downloaded FilZ and deleted cookies. Still get same error when trying to get my Outlook mail pushed to my Treo. Yahoo mail syncs fine. i tried a soft reset, a system reset and finally a hard reset. Still cannot push Outlook mail to my Treo. FilZ is a great program though. Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else? Anyone not getting their Outlook mail pushed to their Treo?
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    I had the same problems starting yesterday. After an hour on hold I got a level 2 tech who:

    1) Had me reinstall the BC client for Palm - did not fix it

    2) He then flagged my account for an "IOTA" which is their term for resetting your vision stuff - he was not clear on what ti does.

    3) After signing onto vision it prompted me for the re-provosioning0 said yes. then all was well and sync worked.

    He said you can forcew the IOTA thingie by going to,logginin and then slecting personal info onleft, then add a visin password. He explained thisas:

    - this gens a new vision password next time u connect to Vision and sets it on yourt Treo. DO NOT Forget the password u set as you will need it to set it again if this happens again. first time u try you may not be pomrpted for a old password as u started with the system assigned one.

    This is not the same as your sprint pcs or your BC password - this is used (I think) as a see for generating some vision password internally at SPrint that is auto-assigned on the treo.

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    What is interesting here is when you cannot sync and get a 302 error did you try Blazer access to any Internet site and if so was it successful? The 302 error is a pretty general network error in BC.

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