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    Well it's nice to hear some good news to offset the SD wifi issues previously discussed. BargainPDA is reporting that PalmOne has finally announced that they would be porting IBM's WebSphere to the Treo600! YIPEE!

    palmOne and IBM today announced that developers will be given the ability to deploy Java applications on the Treo 600 smartphone and Tungsten line of handhelds. This is exciting news for both the Java developer community and the Palm OS user community. A huge Java developer community can now be unleashed on on a very popular series of Palm OS based PDAs


    According to Joe Sipher, vice president of product and carrier marketing at palmOne, "Delivering Java to the Treo 600 smartphone is just the beginning of the tremendous benefits the recent merger is bringing to our customers and the mobile market in general. We’re thrilled to be providing three million plus Java developers the tools and support necessary to build truly great mobile business solutions."
    Great, now I have to pay $10 a month to get MobiTV on my Treo!
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    Wow, that is good news. Available next spring for $5.99. Then we'll be able to use a whole other slew of applications. Poor(er) I will become.
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    or you sign up for the PalmOne dev program and download it for free.

    Just installed it. Converted a midlet and it works. Need to try some more serious midlets before I can comment on how good it really is.
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    I'll have to give this all a shot when I get home.
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    I'm not familiar with any of the Java-based applications that will now become available. What are some of the individual apps that will be available to the Treo 600? Thanks.
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    Originally posted by Sonuvasailor
    <what he said>
    Come to think of it, I'm curious as well.
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    Does this mean we could install any java programs written for the P900 (for instance) once the runtime is available?

    Somebody please help us understand the significance of this annoucement.

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    Does this mean we will get to play some games that other mobile phone users are playing?
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    Originally posted by kamalot
    Does this mean we will get to play some games that other mobile phone users are playing?
    This would be very very nice...
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    Anyone care to guess if the Blackberry apps will run on the T600 since they are all J2ME now ?
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    I installed the two files that the user guide said, then went and installed the Solitair prc file.

    When I execite Solitair it comes up with a "Missing J9 Java VM" dialog box.

    I have reset my device and resintalled the vm and solitaire demo everal times to no avail.

    maybe the solitaire.prc itself is broken???

    could TreoTools that is set to turn on my phone screw up the jvm install?

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    It's not you. I had the same experience. After the 2nd file it said it's only for Tungsten units.

    I guess we'll have to go deeper into this.
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    Unfortunately, the palmOne website notes that the current 1.0 runtime is only for Tungsten units. You can currently download the develpment environment, though, put in a few good months of development, and have your app Treo ready come spring....
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    Seems to work fine on mine. You said you installed both files. A guess but there is a J9JavaVMMidpNG.prc in both the ARM and IA32 directory. Did you use the prc from the ARM directory?
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    I installed the J9JavaVMMidpNG.prc file from the arm directory along with the midp20.prc in the IA32 directory.
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    I'm embarrased, but it is Monday. I was doing this on my Sony Clie UX-50! Didn't work there.

    On Treo 600 it works fine.
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    Originally posted by carter437
    Seems to work fine on mine. You said you installed both files. A guess but there is a J9JavaVMMidpNG.prc in both the ARM and IA32 directory. Did you use the prc from the ARM directory?
    I took the J9JavaVMMidpNG.prc from the ARM and the midp20.prc from the IA32 (I think the latter should have been present in the ARM folder as well).

    It's working fine. I was particularly surprised to see that you can play the Solitaire game with the 5-way.

    And yes, this should mean we can run loads of apps that also run on other devices. That's the beauty of Java...however, there are two major variables that are different across these devices: screen size and keys. So you can expect to see games that run in a quarter of your screen and the Treo buttons and keys don't work correctly.

    But all in all this is great news!
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    OK- Got this thing working now. Anyone have a link or two to some java app archives or programs to try out?
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    Maybe I'm being slow, but which of the downloads on PalmOne's site did you use to get the files for install?
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    Now that the devkit is out, please go and write to start their work on the treo 600 version. Also you might want to mention that since the J2ME environment is available for treo 600 (end user spring season) - PalmOne and IBM have met the "demand" and now it is up to MobiTV to meet the "supply". If you have already written them, you might want to write another giving them a heads up (more demand!!). I am very eager to get started and see mobitv in action. The price isn't too bad (especially with sprint giving $5 or $10 a month in free downloads that can be counted towards something like this) and it looks to be a decent viewing selection (Discovery and Cartoons are what i'm interested in . I even thought about having my friend download mobitv, and seeing if he could sync it to my computer with his phone, blah blah i convert to midlet app, sync it to my phone, you get the picture...
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