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    What Basically makes the treo StandOut? what are the advantages?
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    For my requirements these are the 3 top advantages of the Treo over the Sidekick:

    1- Expansion slot
    2- Speakerphone
    3- Size

    Plus all the neat things that you can do with the Treo that many have mentioned here like listed to radio stations from all over the world, accessing your home/work pc, flashlight...etc.

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    Sidekick makes you look like a 14 year old

    Sidekick has no software except very limited releases

    Sidekick has better bigger keyboard

    Treo is business oriented

    Sidekick is for kids
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    I used the SK for a year and enjoyed it (I'm a middle school principal and not a kid ), but the full Palm is the major difference. The ability to synch to Word/Excel was a huge factor, as was the size factor.

    The keyboard is smaller on the T600, but typing speed isn't all that slower once you get the hang of it.

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