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    Does anyone know of a good alarm application for the Treo 180 other than just using the Date Book +?
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    I asked this question in the Utilities forum, but no useful responses, so here we go again...

    Is there an alarm app that will vibrate when the Treo is set to silent mode (via the switch on top of the unit)? I have a 270, and cannot find an app that does this? Can't believe nobody else has a need for this....

    Thanks for the help.

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    Well, I've been looking for something that will trigger the alarm when the switch is in silent mode for quite a while but zilch.

    I don't think there's such an app as the situation (with the silence mode switch) is quite unique to the Treo as opposed to all other Palm powered devices. The only way for the Treo to have any response in silent mode is having it vibrate when a call is received so I guess an app has to simulate something like that.

    Anyway (hoping against hope myself), please let me know if anyone comes up with an app that solves this but for the time being I guess there's no real solution.

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