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    Can any one help with the TREO 600 GPRS ?

    bought my phone from ORANGE FRANCE , and since i am working abroad i paid an extra amount to unlock the phone from the SIM card in order to use it with a foriegn SIM .

    I was trying to set up the GPRS connection , but it seems i did something wrong and now the GPRS connection is not showing among the connections in the " Connection Preferences " !!

    The only items showing now are : " Virtual Modem - Standard Modem - Cradle/Cable - IR to a PC/Handheld " .

    How can i restore GPRS to the list of available connections ?

    Appreciate very much if any one can help !
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    You can always do a hard reset, but make sure you have a good backup of your data.
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    My GPRS connections are listed under "Network" in Preferences. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.
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    moviegene is right, you should look under network in system -> prefs -> network -> service
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