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    I have a 256mb Kingston SD card which is currently in my camera, but since I am going to buy another 256mb card for the Treo (Kingston or Sandisk Ultra II I think) I've tested it in the phone to compare it against the results others have posted here.

    My problem is that I'm getting really poor results in VFSMark. The overall score comes out as 203 but the real problem seems to be with all the tests which write to the card (File create, delete, write and DB export). By comparison the 32mb Multimedia card which came free with the phone scores 197.

    I haven't noticed any problems with the card in the camera, but since it's the first SD card I have owned I can't really compare it with anything else. I reformatted the Kingston card in the Treo in case this was the problem but it didn't change the result.

    I've detailed the results below. Anyone else seen a similar problem or got any ideas?


    32mb MMC
    File Create 120%
    File Delete 168
    File Write 57
    File Read 138
    File Seek 347
    DB Export 34
    DB Import 346
    Record Access 289
    Resource Access 280

    VFSMark 197

    Kingston card (after re-format)
    File Create 35
    File Delete 19
    File Write 9
    File Read 187
    File Seek 406
    DB Export 19
    DB Import 438
    Record Access 362
    Resource Access 352

    VFSMark 203
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    had the kingston card for all of one week. I experienced the same slow writes as you show. real obvious when copying over a few albums worth of mp3's in the morning. returned it and sprung for a lexar card and all is well!!
    -- berto

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