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    I synch on two machines: a Win 2000 and a Win XP box. On the XP box (and even on my older 98, before it died), when the Palm Hotsynch program began and ended, a sound was made. This does not happen on the Win 2000 box. I've looked for a place to turn this on, but have had no luck. It would help to have the audio signal to know when the hotsynch finished. Any ideas?


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    I think that what you're hearing on XP is the device connect/disconnect sound. 2000 doesn't support this sound. When I sync on XP I hear a sound from my PC at the beginning and end, but on 2000, nothing.
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    Yep. This is an operating system issue (XP/2000) rather than hotsync itself. If you go to Control Panel/Sounds and Multimedia/Sounds you can map a sound to "Open program" and "Close program". However, I guarantee you that you will get very annoyed since this maps to every single program you open. In other words, it will sound about 5 or 6 times when you do a hotsync depending on how many conduits you have.

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    My Win200 PC doesn't sound on hotsync, but my Treo still does.
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    Yes. As long as your Treo's system sounds are turned on, the Treo will play happy little sounds (I think it sounds happy ) when it starts and finishes a HotSync.

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