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    Does Treo limit the maximum number of records input for its calendar application? If so, that must mean a user must archive a big portion of his/her records away when he/she reaches the maximum.

    Why did Treo engineers place such a limit? It has been such a boon to be able to go and check 4 or 5 years back to my older record.

    Specifically, here is the Treo error message from the hotsync:

    Date Book
    - Some handheld records were not copied to your PC. Your computer may be full or you may have reached the maximum allowed records on the desktop. To correct this situation, delete some records and perform a HotSync operation again.
    Desktop = 8199, Handheld = 8218
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    Someone will no doubt correct me if I am wrong but I think there is no limit on the number of records . . and that your memory is the limiting factor.

    Although i remember reading somewhere that Hotsync software has a limit of 15,999 . . . I think . . .
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    Are you sure about that? That would be both a relief and quixotic problem for me since I have enough memory both on my desktop and on my Treo 600. Thanks for the reply.
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    I am pretty certain that there is no upper limit . . . . so i did a google for your problem and discovered that this guy has the exact same issue : -

    but no replies to assist him unfortunately!

    But here is a possible explanation relating to a corrupt databse file . .

    I also read that this message can result when you fill in the data in the records incorrectly . . . the label ids not being set properly .

    With 8000+ records you have all your eggs in the one basket if a file corrupts! You should periodically copy your database folders and zip them up so you can backtrack a little. Or you split it up and create new Palm 'users' Archive 2001, Archive2002 etc?

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    Use dbScan to clean up your DateBook database:
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    Counsel - Did you ever get an answer or solution about your calendar problem? I contacted the support people for T600 and was told that the memory allocated to the calendar was limited but that there was a third party software that allowed the database to be put on a SD. I need a solution because my T600 is limiting me to 500 entries and I know that is wrong.
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    jhall . . . . what 'support people' did you ask?
    What did they say the 'Calendar limit' was?

    For the last month or so whilst I have been migrating data I have had about 3781 records on my DateBook on my Treo 600 (until I archived them . . now I have 200 or so) . . . . and I really dont think there is any limit but I am happy to be educated on this . . . .
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    Duckznutz - thanks for the respond. Apparently my Palm mapping file was corrupt and not allowing the T600 to sync.
    Once the file was deleted, the T600 did sync and I have had no more problem. So, whether there is a limit or not has not been answered. Currently I have 425 documents and is not a problem. So, if you have several thousand entries, there may not be a limit. The tech people you inquired about was someone with Sprint tech dept dealing with the T600. I can't get anyone at Handsprint or Palm. When I call I get routed to my carrier's tech dept.

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