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    Going through the posts shows mostly a 'love' relationship with the 270s, with a few people having a run of bad luck and/or crap quality; returning Treos to no avail.

    The review page shows about an 80% love versus 20% hate ratio on this model; I'm just curious if any opinions have changed since those of you first bought your 270? Would you go for the Treo 600 now?

    I've been using the Visorphone + Handspring Visor for 2 years now, been amazingly problem free. The Treo 600 does'nt immediately spark an interest for me, since T Mobile service is not yet available, and I can live without the camera built in...

    Any thoughts??
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    The 600 is a quantum leap forward from the 270.
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    I can only relate my own experience -- I just purchased a Treo 270 through Amazon's rebate deal in November and I've loved it. It is, however, my first PDA so I might just be taken in by the novelty of that alone -- but I do love having the PDA and phone in one easy to use device. And although I haven't made a final decision on the Treo 600, I am not convinced that the improvements in the Treo 600 will be worth the likely $400 it will cost to upgrade (I got the 270 for free-after-rebates) when it finally comes out for T-Mobile, even though many of the new features are very attractive (esp. memory expandability and five-way).

    So I guess I'm saying that if you can get a 270 for a very low price, I'd say it's worth it -- and you can wait out the early adopter tax and get the 600 when it drops in price, similar to how the 270 has dropped in the past year and a half.
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    i went from visor phone to 270 to 600, i dont regret any of the purchases.

    the 270 is a leap from the visor phone and the 600 is a quantum leap.

    who know if t-mo will ever release the 600 to the general public, and they say they are currently out of 270.

    If you can get a brand new 270, go for it.
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    Thanks for the replies and info, guys!

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    To answer your question my lid broke yesterday and within 1 min I was on Ebay hunting down a new one. I have not moved into the realm of the 600 because I feel that my 270 does EVERYTHING I need it to (if it aint broke dont fix it). Plus I do a lot of texting and did not like feel/ size of the keyboard, also I love the little extra real estate on the 270.

    BTW happily found out my unit was still under is bliss.
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    Having never used the 270 or the 600, I figured I would give the 180 or the 270 a try while waiting for the 600 to come out. All of the 270s were going for $200 on ebay and so I figured I would just get the 180 which were running for $70. So for the extra $200 off the device without a contract I got the 180 and will get $130 back when I upgrade.

    I love the 180 and figure the 270 is nice because of color, but it wasn't worth the extra $130 for virtually the same thing(specs other than color). So now I wait for the Tmo version or the unbranded one.(or the T700)

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