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    Seems the treo uses a 3 wire plug which only gives left right and earth or mono,mic,earth.

    From reading other posts the treo determines whether a mic is included by looking at the impedence on the chanel . and If not reverts to stereo.

    Couldnt you have a stereo headphones where the relevent audio chanel is wired in parallel with a microphone and a press button swith on the lead that switches the mic in and out of circuit.

    (Assuming the mic is detected on the right chanel which I dont know for sure:

    | |
    | |
    L S
    | /\
    | / \
    | R M
    | | |
    | \ /
    | \/
    TL TR

    TL is the left chanel connector
    TR is the right chanel/mic connector
    S is a switch
    L & R are headphones
    M is a mic.

    Also might be possible to also have a flash button to answer calls etc when the 'S' withc is in the 'M' position.

    Any thoughts?
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    Some people have made homemade switches like this, and one company is planning to sell them starting next month, here is the link: Headphone Adaptor
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    Looks ok but I was more thinking about using in a car setting to get MP3s over the car stereo and having a mic and handy answer button both on cables remote to the phone.

    The config of the product above with the mic and buttons together (as well as the audio out plug coming out of the mic..) make this a little impractical from a product layout point of view. (although obviously the circuit works fine.

    1* sterio plug. 2.5mm
    1* sterio socket 3.5 mm

    1* 2 position switch. or button
    1* momentory button (flash)

    1 * microphone.

    26 meters of wire , a kg of solder and about 15 hours of handiwork!
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    That looks like it would sort of do what you want-- clip the mike somewhere handy, then run a long cord to the car stereo.

    When the call comes in, flip the switch, hit the button, and wham, instant pseudo speakerphone-- phone call will play over your stereo, and the mic is right there. Not the same as cutting between the stereo and an earbud, but...
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    clip the mike somewhere handy, then run a long cord to the car stereo.

    Only problem is that Mike complains when I clip things to him

    Oh what I mean is that the switch and button are on the __Mic__ ...unlikly that that the best mic position is also the most erganomic location for a button.
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