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    Lately, my treo 600 has been loosing signal. It would freeze up the make that beeping sound like it's reconnected itself to the Sprint network. It does not happen all the time......but intermittently throughout the day. ANyone have this problem???

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    I've had this problem also. Mine got to the point that one day I couldn't make a call. Everytime I went into the phone app my T600 would repeatedly drop the network connection and reconnect. The only way I could get it to stop was to turn off the wireless mode.

    I had recently installed a few new applications to test so I tried uninstalling those applications to resolve this issue. I then resorted to a hard reset which still didn't help. In a last effort to prevent dealing with Sprint on a replacement, I tried bumping (gently) the Treo against my leg and it worked!

    I don't know if anyone else has had a similar experience but my issue started out with the ocassional dropped connection and progressed from there. I am worry about this problem recurring.
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    When your phone is doing this, does it say "network search" at the top of the screen?

    I've started seeing that intermittently, I'm getting convinced that it's a hardware problem on the phone.... My phone did a hard reset, so it was back to standard config and it kept doing this, so I know it wasn't apps that were installed.
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    i found a solution to this issue and posted it before, do a search for "network search"

    The solution is to get it replaced. I tried to take it to the shop to get it tested but since its a random issue, it passed all the test. They couldnt find a problem and besides that, most stores dont even have the t600 in stock since they are on back order.

    Just call in *2 and tell them that you want to buy a new one and return the one you have in a return kit, They should let you, its still under warranty, and the stores are out of stock. If not, try calling back to another csr to get it done. I had no problem after the calling back 2 times. Good luck. That issue sucks ***!
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    I guess my problem is solved.... now the phone is completely dead and won't turn on at all...

    I'm pretty sure it will fail whatever test they throw at it now...
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    Has it been mentioned on some other thread that this could be a power issue?

    (i.e., not full power/battery, lose signal more easily)
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    This was happening to me around Raleigh, NC the week before last. I travel between LA and Raleigh every week, and it worked fine in LA. I had 4 bars of signal strength, and it would drop the network in the middle of calls. This happened over and over again one afternoon.

    All seems to be working better, though it seems my voice quality (hearing the other person) has gone way down...


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